This Implementer Bundle is comprised of the 19 modules regrouped under a five steps process listed below:


0. Foundation

Introduction to Innovation Strategy

Define an Innovation

Innovation Strategy – Methodology

Implement an Innovation Cycle


1. Gather Input (Market, Regulations, Technologies, Etc.)​

Quantify Current Innovation Performance and Set Objectives

Innovation Strategy: Benchmarks


2. Quantify Innovation Objectives

Obtain Market Data

Watch for New Technologies and Regulations



3. Identify and Select a Few Strategic Arenas

 Identify Strategic Arenas

 Select Strategic Arenas

  Define a Strategic Arena


4. Develop an Attack Plan per Strategic Arenas

  Set an Innovation Vision

  Plan an Innovation Roadmap

  Quantify the Business Outcomes

 Facilitate In-Person the Development of an Innovation Strategy (Coming soon)


5. Communicate and Implement the Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy: Performance Indicators (Coming soon)

 Innovation Strategy: Cheat Sheet (Coming soon)

 Implement an Innovation Strategy (Coming soon)

Nathalie Gauthier

Marketing & Innovation Director

"In our product innovation approach, having an innovation strategy is what has helped us the most to have everyone on the same page and to quickly bring the important projects to market while leaving out the less important ones."

Réjean Rabi


"The Innovation Leaders Club approach has guided and challenged our thought process and forward-thinking ways in the space of product development/management through a structured approach. This approach simplifies a complex front-end space and prioritizes a path ahead to accelerate our path to market."

Jan Lembregts


"Developing an innovation strategy with the help of the Innovation Leaders Club methodology has allowed us to focus our available resources on business arenas and priorities that we evaluated using multiple scoring templates. We have a better understanding of what we can do. I am very confident that it will help us in becoming more innovative."


Mathieu Cornelier

Vice-President - Global Sales

"Trying to innovate without a clear innovation strategy is like heading out to the open sea without a compass.  The approach proposed during our meeting with the Innovation Leaders Club to develop a clear innovation strategy has allowed us to streamline the innovation process and accelerate our innovation achievements."

Robert Schiavi

Development Manager, R&D

"The planning methods, tools, and knowledge the Innovation Leaders Club brought to us provided much greater clarity, focus, and efficacy to our company’s near and far term Innovation planning. To have instantaneous access to this impressive cache of wisdom, at any given time, would be of great value.”

Martin Latour

Senior Vice-President R&D

‘’The innovation strategy methodology proposed by the Innovation leaders Club brings focus to your whole organization which will lead to commercial success; with no strategy, you rely on hope leading to frustration!’’

19 Training Videos

250+ Editable Visuals & Examples

50+ Editable Tools

Proven Methodology

Written Content

Cheat Sheet

Communication Tools


Additional Reading

Evelyne Lafontaine

Vice-president Marketing & Innovation

"The strategic approach made a huge difference in getting more business from innovation. More alignment and more focus on the right project!"

Michel Pouliot

Vice-President Research & Science

"Innovation without strategy is like working in the lab without a hypothesis. If you do not define what you are trying to demonstrate, you will end up with a lot of useless data."

Vincent Pasquer

Senior Vice-President Innovation

"Delivering innovation is about converting creativity into on-purpose success.  The methodology proposed by the Innovation Leaders Club allows you to kick start this process in the right direction."

Louis Laflamme


"The proposed methodology to develop our innovation strategy allowed us to focus on a common plan and improve overall execution."

Patrick Couture

Vice-President, General Manager

"We have used our innovation strategy development process to consolidate multifunctional effort toward a common goal."


Nicolas Bombardier

R&D Director

"Ecosystem innovation is a way to leverage that you can’t afford to miss! Thanks to the Innovation Leaders Club best practices it was easily implemented."


Louis Beaulieu-Charbonneau

Vice-President Marketing

"I had the opportunity to witness the Innovation Leader Club's passion, energy, and knowledge on the topic of innovation strategy. Their framework is second to none."

 Alexandre Bélisle

R&D Director

"The methodology used for implementing the innovation strategy involves the different key stakeholders of the company, ensuring the cohesion of all parties around the innovation strategy, an essential foundation for creating a strong innovation culture in the company."

Dominic D'Amours

Director, Quality, R&D, Regulatory Affairs

"The proposed methodology in developing our innovation strategy has enabled us to clarify our vision for innovation and structure our entire innovation cycle."

What is the
Innovation Leaders Club

Innovation Leaders Club
The Innovation Leaders Club is a private, elite club that aims at establishing productive interpersonal exchanges centered on sharing knowledge, experience, and best practices to manage innovation effectively.

Implementer Bundle™
The Implementer Bundle™ includes:

Training Videos: 19 online and in-depth videos of around 15 to 30 minutes each to help you implement all of the subject's knowledge.

Editable Visuals: usually a PowerPoint presentation illustrating the key principles of each Bundle. All slides are editable and can easily be transferred to other work documents.

Editable Tools: they are designed to manage innovation processes using Microsoft Office’s common applications. The ultimate aim of these editable, user-friendly tools is to help business professionals improve their innovation skills.

Proven Methodology: based on the practices of some of the most successful organizations. Each step is then paired with specific tools and a selection of visual content.


Also Included:

– Written Content
– Cheat Sheet
– Benchmarks

– Examples
– Communication Tools
– Additional Readings