Front End of Innovation Bundle

Based on the Innovation Leaders Club member’s shared best practices and the proficiency of all members. This Bundle aims to implement or optimize the front end of innovation practices within an organization. It focuses on market needs, technological advances, and the monitoring of the evolution of standards and regulations by providing technics and tools to ensure the maturation of innovation from the opportunity to the concept/project proposal.

The Front End of Innovation Bundle is comprised of the 15 modules listed below:


Introducing the Front End of Innovation

Define an Innovation

Front End of Innovation Methodology

Implement an Innovation Cycle

Define an Opportunity

Obtain Organization and Market Data

Watch for New Technologies and Regulations

Implement a Technology Development Process

Generate Innovative Ideas

Build an Innovative and Feasible Concept

Integrate the Voice of Customer (VoC)

Use a Learning Process

Evaluate 23 Learning Techniques

Strengthen Product Management

Sell a concept & a project proposal internally

And more modules to come in the future…


19 Training Videos

250+ Editable Visuals & Examples

50+ Editable Tools

Proven Methodology

Written Content

Cheat Sheet

Communication Tools


Additional Reading

What is the
Innovation Leaders Club

Innovation Leaders Club
The Innovation Leaders Club is a private, elite club that aims at establishing productive interpersonal exchanges centered on sharing knowledge, experience, and best practices to manage innovation effectively.

Implementer Bundle™
The Implementer Bundle™ includes:

Training Videos: 19 online and in-depth videos of around 15 to 30 minutes each to help you implement all of the subject's knowledge.

Editable Visuals: usually a PowerPoint presentation illustrating the key principles of each Bundle. All slides are editable and can easily be transferred to other work documents.

Editable Tools: they are designed to manage innovation processes using Microsoft Office’s common applications. The ultimate aim of these editable, user-friendly tools is to help business professionals improve their innovation skills.

Proven Methodology: based on the practices of some of the most successful organizations. Each step is then paired with specific tools and a selection of visual content.


Also Included:

– Written Content
– Cheat Sheet
– Benchmarks

– Examples
– Communication Tools
– Additional Readings