Dave Caissy

Managing Partner 

Eng., M. Eng., NPDP, PMP, CPM, CPMM

Mr. Caissy advises international businesses on how to improve their innovation management performance level through the implementation of effective business processes and strategies. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Caissy has earned a solid reputation in the industry, in addition to teaching at several graduate institutions in Canada and in Europe.

His listening skills and his ability to influence innovation-related organizational changes have earned him numerous recommendations from his clients. An international expert in innovation leadership, Mr. Caissy is a popular speaker in many countries and is often quoted in the media. For more information, please refer to his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/davecaissy

[email protected]
Office: +1 (514) 375-2472 #106
Cellphone: +1 (514) 605-5845

Audax Innovation’s business model is built along the following services continuum

President of the Innovation Leaders Club

Mr. Caissy presides and leads the Innovation Leaders Club, a small, but elite club comprised of leaders from close to 200 of the most innovative companies in Europe and North America. The Club brings together innovation leaders who want to discuss their current reality and their previous innovation management experiences with their peers in a friendly, informal setting, with a view to sharing knowledge and best practices.

Speaker, trainer and coach

Known as a national and international expert in his field, Mr. Caissy is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer. He also coaches many innovation leaders so they reach their professionnal goals. Additionally, Audax Innovations offers toolboxes and training that facilitate the adoption of best innovation management practices.

Innovation Expert

Under the management of Mr. Caissy, Audax Innovation actively advises companies of all sizes on all aspects of innovation management, from improving operational processes to developing effective strategies.